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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet the GSEC staff and interns!

Kimberly Edmonds


Kimberly is the director of the Associated Students Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. She is double majoring in Political Science and Women's Studies. She first got involved with the Women's Center through an internship her freshman year, and then became a program coordinator for the next two years. Now as the director, she is very excited to oversee the Women's Center's expansion to a Gender and Sexuality Equity Center.
Fun Fact: Kim has 7 siblings! 

Nicole Walker


Nicole Walker is the intern coordinator for the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. This is her third year at CSU, Chico where she is majoring in journalism with a double option in news editorial and public relations, and a minor in women's studies. Beginning her freshman year, she has been an intern at the AS Women's Center for three semesters in addition to writing for the student-run, award winning newspaper The Orion and working at the Student Activities Office.
Fun Fact: She writes for the award-winning Chico State newspaper The Orion. She writes reviews, previews, and bios for local and visiting artists and bands. 

Nikki Allair


Nikki Allair is the Women's Program Coordinator at the GSEC. She is finishing up her last year as a Women's Studies Major with a minor in Sexual Diversity. She was an intern at the Women's Center for a year, giving her the tools she needed in order to become the ever growing activist she is. She is a strong believer in equality for everyone and promotes it in the activities she participates in.
Fun Fact: Nikki doesn't like any kind of nuts. 

Abilgail Teicheira


Abigail Teicheira is the LGBTQ Program Coordinator for the Associated Students Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. She is a fifth year student at CSU, Chico majoring in Women's Studies and Spanish. Abigail first got involved in activism on campus through the internship at the AS Women's Center and as a member of Pride Safe Zone.
Fun Fact: Abbie can solve a Rubix cube in under 5 minutes!


Natalie Nguyen

Natalie is technically a Psychology major, but will must likely be switching to Sociology by the end of the semester. She's interning at the GSEC because she wants to help make our society more understanding and inclusive.
Fun fact: One of her goals in life is to own and perform in a burlesque club in San Francisco!

Christin Huckabee

Christin majors in Multi Cultural Gender Studies with an emphasis in Women's Studies and Sociology. She is interning at the GSEC because she believes in fighting for something that she is passionate about and wants to help raise awareness about issues that have been marginalizing people for centuries.
Fun fact: She has two Chiweenies

Carina Gutierrez

Carina's major is currently undeclared. She is interning at the GSEC so that she can learn more about activism and be a
part of a worthwhile cause.

Fun fact: She absolutely cannot stand it when people chew with their mouths open. This is, in her own words, "Pet peeve numero uno!"

Karissa Daisy Dickinson

Karissa is an Exercise Physiology major. She is interning at the GSEC because in the small town she  grew up in she was not privileged enough to have these kinds of opportunities. She saw prejudice, hate, and judgment every day of her life. Being around that made her want to help end all these issues and be apart of something bigger. Plus, there are so many great people here at the GSEC!
Fun fact: She's Italian and proud of it!

Lindsey Pevar

Lindsey is an Animal Science major in the hopes of becoming a veterinarian. She is interning at the GSEC because over the summer she spent a lot of time at and LGBTQ center in her home town in Long Beach, CA. She learned so much from the program called MYTE that she wanted to give back for everything that they had given her. She also loves the GSEC motto and how we want to create a safe space for people where we can give them any kind of information that we have.

Fun fact: She recently cut all of her hair off and gave it to Locks for Love.

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah is a Health Education major. She is interning at the GSEC because she is passionate about promoting equal rights for all, and is excited about getting involved in community activism!

Fun Fact: She can't wink with her right eye! ;)

Hannah Clause
Hannah is a Multicultural Gender Studies major with an option in Women Studies. She is interning at the GSEC she is a radical feminist who wants to break down societal norms and be the change she wants to see!

Fun fact: She is going to be studying abroad in Chile next school year.

Jessica Arriaga
Jessica is a Multicultural and Gender Studies major with a Women's Studies option. She is interning at the the GSEC because she had such a great experience interning for the Women's Center last year! Since the center was transitioning into a new office she wanted to continue to be a part of this new, more inclusive space that we now have to offer Chico State students. The GSEC is such a great activist outlet that allows her to do work I she loves and is passionate about! 
Fun fact: When she was a little girl her dream job was to be an Egyptologist.

Alex Brown
Alex is a Psychology major with a Multicultural and Gender Studies minor and an option in Women's Studies.  She became an intern at the GSEC because she wants to surround herself with like-minded people, spread awareness about women's and LGBTQ issues, and to immerse herself in diverse experiences.
Fun Fact: Alex has a munchkin breed tabby cat named Tyson!

Chantel Edwards
Chantel Edwards is majoring in multicultural and gender studies, with a minor in sexual diversity. She previously interned at the Women's Center for two semesters and decided to intern a third time after the transition to the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. 
Fun fact: She hopes to become a sexologist after she graduates from college.          

Tiffany Alioto

Tiffany is a double major in Business Finance and Psychology, along with a minor in Women's studies. Tiffany is interning at the GSEC because she is an activist who believes no one should wait to be negatively affected by ignorance to join a cause they believe in.
Fun fact: When she was in the 8th grade, she ripped her jeans while dancing to the credit music of the original "The Fast and The Furious" movie! 

Ashley O'Sullivan

Ashley is a Health Care Administration major. Ashley says, "I want to be a part of an organization which strives to empower all students at CSU Chico. I want to be a part of a community of determined individuals that come together to promote the personal, educational, and professional growth of women. I want to be a part of a program and a community that is passionate about the understanding of equity for all. I want to advocate for the LGBTQ community. Furthermore, I want to be a part of what the GSEC is advocating for. I am a feminist and I believe in establishing equal opportunities to all. I want to empower people to look outside of societies norms that have been used to oppress and marginalize and stand up for what is right. I want to help with sustaining an organization like the GSEC; that offers a safe place to all students who may feel silenced. I have a passion for advocating for gender sexuality equity and I look forward to the activist work I will be doing."
Fun fact: Ashley is an only child!

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