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Monday, February 11, 2013

Total F'ed Move

            In the world of Greek Life, the popular website “” is more than just a website; it is considered by many as our bible.  The website primarily allows members of fraternities to post stereotypical actions followed by “TFM,” indicating that it is a “Total Frat Move.”  The popularity of the website led to, where stereotypical actions by sorority girls are posted as well.  To students not involved in Greek Life, these posts can be assumed to represent all organizations involved in Greek Life. Members often idolize the websites and share posts with other members of the Greek community.  I, however, do not support either website. 

Although many of the posts are intended to be jokes, most of them are extremely offensive to women and I hate that they are considered to represent Greek Life.  Not only does TFM cause fraternity members to seem sexist, but also severely disrespectful to women.  TSM causes the public to expect all sorority members to be concerned solely with her “fratdaddy,” her father’s money, and her sandwich making skills.  For example….

“No sex on the first date, technically makes it the last date. TFM."

“No. I am not concerned about my future. I am a 34D and bake cookies like you wouldn’t believe. TSM.”

I came across an article on TFM entitled, “50 Things Sorority Girls Should Know about Fraternity Guys” that I found particularly awful.  I could go on and on to point out exactly what is offensive about each post included in the list, but this blog entry would end up being an extensive essay.   So instead, I’ll let you be the judge.  Listed below are my least favorite posts from the list.

3. There are very few things you can do that are better than a morning blowjob.
24. If you’re under 21, GET A FAKE ID. If you’re pretty enough it doesn’t matter if the picture is of a 200lb black woman, you’ll still get in.
31. If you’ve hooked up with multiple brothers, we already know about it. If we’re still talking to you, then we clearly don’t mind.
40. If you order more than us during a late night drunken Taco Bell run, we’re going to be a little concerned.
43. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with leaving SportsCenter on in the background during sex.
45. If you’ve already sucked one dick that night, please don’t try to hook up with another one of us. I’ve seen it happen, nobody likes a snowballer.
To view the entire list, you can visit
Written by Elise Porter


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  2. Thank you for shedding light on this issue of stereotyping in the Greek community. I also agree this website is very degrading to both sorority and fraternity members in the Greek community. They stereotype women as wanting to perfect their baking skills and please fraternity men, while men are stereotyped as only wanting to have sex. It is important to remember that not all members of the Greek community are like this.

  3. Woah! Thanks for your point of view! You're amazing!