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Monday, April 29, 2013

Take Back the Night Poem

This is the poem I performed at Take Back the Night Spring 2013. I wrote it after attending my first Take Back the Night Fall 2012.

Her Voice

Tightness in my heart
Even tears can't break apart
the state I'm in

And even though I try
to let truth out, please let me cry
I just won't

You see, this body lost its worth
when it saw a world of hurt
There were no words and no consent
but still the pain came, in he went
And I was numb

Another night, a different face
Bodies thrash and minds erase
The morning comes
and empty settles in
Empty is what's within

Mother told me, Dear,
please don't walk this life with fear
But they'll take it all from you
and won't look back

The men still call her name
Still live in her through her shame
and the night, it never did feel the same

Now forty years are gone
and her Daughter tells her, Mom
It's not your fault

Let us Take Back the Night
Now it's time for us to fight
for what they stole

Her voice, it shook
but I know the strength it took
when she raised it up and struck those demons down

My hand upon her knee
felt the change of energy
and suddenly, it all became so clear

A Daughter and a Mother
found strength within each other
and stopped the blame, the hurt, the pain, the guilt, the lies

Never again will they apologize
Their bodies and their souls are learning to fly

By Sarena Kirk

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