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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why We Need Feminism

We need feminism because women are still considered the weaker sex. We need feminism because violence against women is still prevalent and real. Because rape is real and it happens here. Because women oppress and shame other women. We need feminism because when a female politician speaks, her appearance is critiqued instead of her opinions. Because women are underrepresented. Because women are objectified. We need feminism because our voices are quieter, but just as powerful. We need feminism because women’s dresses and skirts are not provocative. Because shaving our legs or armpits is not an obligation. Because our views of beauty have been distorted and twisted to fit patriarchal standards. Because women are evaluated in relation to men. We need feminism because being a women is not degrading. Because makeup, dresses, or heels do not define femininity.
I need feminism because my future involves a career and pets instead of a home and children. Because I was told I wasn’t supposed to work on cars. Because some of my male friends think it’s okay to shame women based on how they look. Because my opinions matter just as much. I need feminism because I didn’t have a strong female role model growing up. I need feminism because I wasted too much time being uneducated.
We need feminism because women are not timid, powerless, unhelpful. We, as a world, need feminism because equality is necessary.

By Megan Brantley

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