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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Semester 2013: The Line-Up

Ah, a new school year. The weather betraying us, making us believe it's still summer; the rush of new freshman wandering the campus; tables lining the Gauntlet, shouting to join their paintball club, or their sorority, or to have a free copy of the Orion.

This new year feeling also entails a new bunch of great staff and interns here at the AS Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. Here's our staff and interns for the Fall Semester of the 2013-2014 school year.

Katelyn Alvarez
Program: LGBTQ+ Program
Position: PDA (Public Display of Activism)
Likes: making silly faces in front of a camera and sushi (and has pretty mean chop-stick skills.)
Fun fact: Katelyn used to think that “valedictorian” was “valid victorian.” The same with “Ellen DeGeneres” and “Ellen: The Generous.”

Hannah Clause
Position: Intern Coordinator
Likes: happy hour with her friends and exploring San Francisco with her partner.
Fun fact: Hablo español (especialmente español chilena po!) aunque no estoy fluido.

Alex Dooley
Program: LGBTQ + Program
Position: Radio DJ & Button Maker
Likes: Tegan & Sara
Fun fact: Alex is an only child.

Eliza Dyer
Program: LGBTQ+ Program
Position: Current Events
Likes: cooking and discussing politics.
Fun fact: Eliza has been to the Alhambra in Spain, a cloud forest in Costa Rica, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

Brettoni "Toni: Foshee
Program: LGBTQ+ Program
Position: Librarian
Likes: food and concerts
Fun fact: Toni's favorite style to dance is hip-hop.

Sarena Kirk
Position: LGBTQ+ Program Coordinator
Likes: miniature versions of things and Tracy Chapman
Fun fact: Sarena has worked as a nude model!

Maddison LeRoy
Program: LGBTQ+ Program
Position: Blogger
Likes: exploring Bidwell and reggae music
Fun fact: Maddison has broken her collar bone rollerblading.

Remo Macartney
Position: Intern Coordinator Assisstant
Office Job: Admin duties and Radio DJ
Likes: Singing and weight lifting
Fun fact: Remo produces and raps on his own hip hop beats.

Adrianna McCain
Program: Women's Program
Position: Blogger
Likes: corgis and the color pink
Fun fact: Adrianna was lucky enough to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert this summer!

Laura Napoliello
Position: Women’s Program Coordinator
Likes: seeing live music and thrifting
Fun fact: Laura can count to ten in five languages.

Katie Prather
Program: Women's Program
Position: PDA (public displays of activism)
Likes: elephants and flowers
Fun fact: Katie has never seen falling snow (but hopes to very soon)!

Kristin Rounds
Position: Intern Coordinator Assistant
Likes: festivals and coconut water
Fun fact: Kristin and her cat are the same age.

Brooke Silveria
Program: Women's Program
Position: Spark Newsletter and thank you note writer
Likes: traveling and cats
Fun fact: Both Brooke's parents and step-mom are all librarians.

Rae Seifert
Program: Intern Coordinator Assistant
Position: Photographer, calendar and inventory
Likes: swimming and playing frisbee in one mile
Fun fact: Rae may seem "normal" right now, but she is completely insane! (Muhahaha)

Sarah Sullivan
Position: Director
Likes: feminism and her adorable tuxedo cat, Winston
Fun Fact: Sarah's hair color is au natural for the first time in 9 years!

Whitney Urmann
Program: Women's Program
Position: Spark Newsletter
Likes: tea and documentaries
Fun fact: Whitney owns a blueberry farm!

Christy Walowit
Program: Women's Program
Position: Co-Photographer and Co-Button Maker.
Likes: vegan cooking and anything outdoors
Fun fact: Christy plays violin, viola, and ukulele, and can eat almost anything with chopsticks.

Jordan Walsh
Program: Women's Program
Office job: current events
Likes: candy and Disneyland
Fun fact: Jordan runs for Chico State's Cross Country and Track teams.

There's a lot in store for this fantastic group of people, and we've got a lot planned for CSU Chico. Come visit us in BMU 005 and get to know the staff and interns of the 2013-2014 Fall Semester!

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  1. Looks like an awesome group of people. I'm looking forward to attending the GSEC events this year!