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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Sex Positivity Workshop

AS Gender and Sexuality Center presents The Sex Positivity Workshop

CHICO, CA- the AS Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC) would like to invite you to attend the Sex Positivity Workshop, which will be held on December 3rd at 6:00 PM. The workshop is aimed at removing the stigma associated with female-bodied masturbation, orgasm and arousal, and the use of sex toys. This event will be held in the Bell Memorial Union, room 210. The GSEC would like to welcome both students and members of the community to attend.

Focusing on female bodied masturbation, the Sex Positivity Workshop will include information presented by Dr. Carol Queen and Laurie Bennett-Cook on the topics of female-bodied orgasm and arousal, sex education, and sex toy use. The event will be educating and empowering and aims to make these topics more comfortable for discussion. All attendees will have a chance to purchase raffle tickets to win a pleasure basket filled with sex toys and more.

Dr. Carol Queen is a writer, speaker, activist, and educator with a doctorate in sexology. She is known for her non-profit sexuality education center, The Center for Sex and Culture, her explicit writings which have been published in a variety of periodicals and magazines, and as a part owner of Good Vibrations, the women-owned and worked sex toy and book emporium.

Laurie Bennett-Cook is a local Chico sexologist who works within our community to empower and inform young adults and youth on sex education.

The GSEC is a student run activist organization that strives to empower students through its programs, the Women’s Program and the LGBTQ Program. They offer opportunities for leadership, personal development and referral services, and are a safe and inclusive space where the campus and community can effectively support the academic mission of the university.


  1. I went to this event and I thought it was spectacular. It was amazing how open all our guest speakers were and it eliminated the stigma towards female masturbation and sex toys in the bed room. It was also really entertaining with all they had on display and I cannot Wait to go to next semesters sex positivity workshop.

  2. This event was so much fun! It was a great opportunity for anyone with a vulva to educate themselves on their own body and what worked best with it. The speakers were amazing and open to whatever questions were asked. Definitely look forward to future workshops from the GSEC!

  3. The event went great. If we could find some ways to make it interactive in the future that would be great, so people can engage in more discussion.