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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This Semester at the GSEC

At one of our last meetings for the fall 2013 semester, the staff asked the interns to do a quick write. The prompt was to start your paper with 'this semester at the gsec' and write with out picking up your pen or filtering yourself for 5 minutes. Here is what they had to say.
This semester at the GSEC

I made the best friends that I could ever ask for. I was constantly supported and loved. I had a kick ass time and felt like I made a difference. So many things in my life have changed and improved because of the GSEC. Activism and feminism has consumed so much of my life and I love it. I have learned so much about team work and responsibility. This semester at the GSEC I met people who I consider to be a part of my family. I fought the patriarchy and stood up for so many things I used to be afraid of standing up for. I realized that there are way more important things than running. This semester at the GSEC I felt like I mattered, I felt like stuff happened because of me. I did so many things I’ll never forget and met people I’ll never forget.

This semester at the GSEC:

Was a huge learning process for me. I learned what I’ve been wanting to learn for many years. I learned to say the word “masturbate” out loud. I learned why slut shaming is bad. I learned its okay to have a sex life, and to talk about it. I learned that consent is extremely important. I learned that rape and sexual assault are big issues. I learned that talking about it help heal. I learned that having a safe place and open-minded, non-judgmental people to talk to has helped me in many, many ways. I learned that sex and gender are different. I learned what trans means. I learned that GSEC has changed the way I see the world and myself and that I’m really said to leave. Lastly, I learned that condoms aren’t vegan!

This semester at the GSEC…

I met the most amazing group of people. I feel that I could be myself and apply all the things I have learned to an organization that appreciated them. I was able to be part of a group and develop more confidence about the things I believe in and work towards. I was able to be myself and through being myself include myself in an organization that thrived off of that. I was able to express my thoughts and work towards being the person I always wanted to be. This semester is something that changed my life for the better and something I will remember and use in the future towards wherever it propels me to go next. I am sad it is ending but happy for what I experiences in this year.

This semester at the GSEC…

I didn’t know what to expect. Entering a room filled with strangers, I didn’t know that I would exit with new friends. I learned so much about the world around me and about myself. I learned that the world can be a cold and heartless place where people are unknowingly socialized to subjugate or be subjugated. There are people who would rather turn away from those in need than help their fellow human because that’s the way it is. I learned that by talking too much, I’m not only a bother, but keeping others from talking.

But I also learned that there is a lot of good in the world, those who want to help and love one another despite our differences.

I learned that there are good people who can love me, no matter how much I talk.

I made friends at the GSEC, and I’m so happy to have been here.

This semester at the GSEC

This semester at the GSEC I have exceeded what I thought I was capable of in terms of building relationships, organizing events, and staying connected. This semester I have had the honor of getting to know 16 amazing activists, each of which has inspired me in a different way. This semester has made me so happy and has become more important and time consuming that many other things. This semester has made me sad for the time I can no longer say I work at the GSEC. This semester has challenged me to be a better more aware person, and to be a better ally to marginalized communities within the Queer community. This semester has taken me out of my comfort zone, has brought me incredible joy, and will never leave my heart. Never before have I had so much respect for a group of my peers or been so proud to be a part of something.

This semester at the GSEC

I learned that being comfortable to speak your mind is #1 priority in activism. If you can’t, something is wrong. At the GSEC I have made friends that are both amazing, and incredibly empowering. I have also discovered that I am both more flexible and more conservative that I thought. At the GSEC I have learned about procrastination, time management, and a lot about poster making. This semester I pushed myself and utilized the things I have learned in the outside experiences to deal with things in the office. This semester at the GSEC I experienced love, inspiration, beauty, frustration, full of anger, my potential and discovered what I want in life.

This semester at the GSEC…

Was my first semester at Chico. This semester at GSEC, I expanded my horizons to points that were limitless. I learned and I contributed and I participated and I engaged. I became active on campus, this semester at the GSEC, this semester at the GSEC, this semester of my freshman year. This semester at GSEC, I shook Eve Ensler’s hand. I saw Carol Queen in the flesh and I saw a different person in the mirror. This semester at the GSEC, I met some of the most amazing people in my life, who I will hold close to and cherish for the rest of my life. This semester at the GSEC, I learned that I am no longer a girl but a young woman and I must empower myself as a young activist to empower others. This semester at the GSEC was the greatest thing to ever happen to me by meeting all of you.

This semester at the GSEC has been the best decision I’ve made during the last 4 years here. I had so many amazing experiences that I would have never had without the GSEC. Probably the most amazing part of my internship was watching my own transformation into becoming a strong empowered woman that has learned not to take shit from anyone, but I also realized how privileged and thankful I am to be in this space. This experience with all of you beautiful, strong, unique, passionate women (and Remo) has changed my life and I will be forever thankful for these moments.

This semester at the GSEC

I met new friends some of which I want to hang out with every day forever. I learned a lot, not just about theory but also a lot about myself through my activism and experiences. I learned how to not be afraid to voice my beliefs, even to my family members. I learned that I deserve a better society to live in than the one I live in now. I learned that I have the power and tools to create that society.

This semester at the GSEC…

I grew. I grew and I grew and I grew. I found a place that I love most of all, a safe haven. I now have something to strive for – an ultimate goal. I always knew I wanted to get into activism, but now I know what I want that to look like. I am happy here. I have become better through this internship. Thank goodness. This has all been worth it, the stress, the long hours, lack of sleep. I’m blessed. Too bad I waited so long. What was I thinking? Now I know I can go further. Mt limitations are where I set them. Fuck the patriarchy. Fuck it! I’m feminist as fuck. I am an ally. I love the GSEC. I’m sorry it has to end but I’m happy it began J

This semester at the GSEC…

I cannot even believe the amazing people I’ve met. They are unreal. They have all been so wonderful and supportive and passionate and caring and they inspire me. I try every day to be a better person and I love being surrounded by people who push me to do that. I have come to care about the friends I’ve made here so much and that is probably the most valuable thing I have gained in my life from this. God it has been such a stressful semester. I’ve pushed myself harder than I have in a long time and I am so burnt out. But it was all worth it. GSEC is my safe place. I feel comfortable there. I feel like what I do is important and I am so appreciative of every single experience.

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