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Thursday, March 5, 2015

When Rape Looks Different by Madeleine

Disclaimer: Topics on this post deal with sexual violence and may be triggering.
 So often we are taught that rape is violent, that it happens in dark allies, away from those we trust and love. Rape does not occur in your own house, in your bed, or by your partner. And if you did not scream and kick and resist with all your might then the conclusion has to be, “You must have wanted it.” The most commonly told story is of rape being committed by a stranger. That singular story has been the metric stick with which we have ruled what is and is not rape. If you never said “NO!” what does it matter that you had never said “Yes.”? So what does rape really look like, in all of its variations? Its definition shifts with the people involved, like all crime. We must continue to unpack our incorrect notions of what rape looks like to continue to give voice and support to survivors.

Minerva Arias does a great jon of unpacking this topic here:

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