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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mythbusters! Pansexual Edition by Kyla

Pansexual Edition

Myth #1- A person who identifies as pansexual is attracted to pans.
Overall, pansexuality is defined as someone who is attracted to all sexes and genders.
A person who identifies as pansexual may want to explain what pansexuality means for themselves, and that’s awesome. So, this definition may vary a little but identifying as pansexual has nothing to do with pans. Sorry pans, your stovemate (see what I did there?) is out there somewhere.

Myth #2- People who identify as pansexual are attracted to every single person ever in the entire world.
No matter how you identify, gender likely does not make up the entire reason you are attracted to someone. There are probably a lot of reasons you may be attracted to someone, perhaps they have a cute dog, or a cute butt; who knows? This is still true for people who identify as pansexual, except gender is probably not on that list.

Myth #3- Pansexuality is made up and does not exist.
Either I’m a unicorn, and there are also a gazillion other awesome unicorns, or it exists. I’ll take either. Problem solved.

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